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rivernotes's Journal

RIVER NOTES ☛ the Han River Uber Community
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river notes
the Han River RPG Uber Community

Hello! Welcome to River Notes, your one-stop destination for all your thehanriver uber, OOC, and delivery needs!

✖ Please make all drop, hiatus, and other notices here!
✖ Everything is assumed IC - if your mun would like to speak, please clarify this by writing "OOC" in the title of your post.
✖ Delivery posts should be made here, so as not to clog up the main community!
Informational posts are encouraged! This includes any real news you believe to be relevant to yourself (or other people~) as a muse, as well as anything related to Korean culture or language that you'd like to bring up.
✖ Please tag all posts appropriately! (CTRL+F is your friend!) If you would like us to add a tag for you, just let us know and we most probably will.
✖ Feel free to post questions/comments here using the ! question or ! comment tag. (Or you can contact one of the mods through IM!)

Activity Check Information
✖ Activity checks are done at the first of every month!
✖ If you're on the warn list, you have until the 6th to make a post to the community!
✖ Cuts are done on the 7th.
✖ You can re-claim after 3 days, if you do so desire!
✖ If you claimed after the 18th of the month, you aren't required to post in the community for that month. But you should anyway, if you'd like. It's good to start out strong. ♥

✖ Your mods are:
Jung Yunho xxuknow ☎ its Yunho
Lee Taemin taeminee ☎ h4ppy v1rus
Choi Siwon goodwithkids ☎ heyitsshiwon